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Becoming a Real Estate Agent In Pennsylvania: Step-By-Step

Becoming a Real Estate Agent In Pennsylvania

Becoming a Real Estate Agent In Pennsylvania: Step-By-Step

Taking both a pre-licensing final exam as well as the Pennsylvania state exam can seem overwhelming. In reality, becoming a real estate agent in Pennsylvania has never been easier. Enrolling in the right courses will equip you with the skills and knowledge to succeed. Wondering how to begin? Heres a step-by-step process of how to become a real estate agent in Pennsylvania. We wish you the best of luck in your future career as a successful real estate agent!

Be 18-years-old

To become a certified real-estate agent in Pennsylvania, you must be at least 18-years-old.

Pennsylvania Mandatory Pre-licensing Course

The first step in fulfilling the Pennsylvania Real Estate educational requirements is to take a pre-licensing course. Before you are able to take the final exam, you must complete 60 hours of real estate pre-licensing courses as prescribed by the commission. You can take these courses in person or online. However, taking these classes online allows for more flexibility of where and when you complete your 60 hours.

Our pre-license course is approved by the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission, accredited by ARELLO, and delivered using a proven mastery and fluency education methodology. For a list of all approved education providers, you can check the Pennsylvania Commission website.

Final Exam

Once you have completed your pre-licensing hours, you will take the proctored course final exam. You must pass the course final exam with a score of 70 % or more. The coursework you have completed prior to this test will help prepare you to take it. Additionally, our administrators will help you to schedule your final exam.

State Licensing Exam

The last step in the real estate education process is to take the Pennsylvania licensing exam. This exam can be difficult, but students that complete our real estate pre-license course have exceptionally high first time passing rates on their state licensing exams.

If you want to pass your real-estate exam on the first try, take our online course! We welcome you to contact us for more information. If you would prefer see details online, click here