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How To Get A Florida Real Estate License: 6 Common Questions

How To Get A Florida Real Estate License: 6 Common Questions

Interested in obtaining your real estate license in Florida? The process can seem overwhelming or confusing when you’re starting out. We’ve listed some common questions regarding the process of obtaining a Florida real estate license as well as information to help you move forward with your real estate goals.

What are the requirements to apply for a license?

To apply for a real estate license in Florida, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Have a United States Social Security number

What’s the process of obtaining a license?

  1. Complete all 63 hours of a pre-license course, including the final exam for the course.
  2. Get fingerprinted.
  3. Apply for application.
  4. Take the State License Exam and pass by scoring 75 percent or more.
  5. Acquire broker affiliation or activate your license.
  6. Complete the 45 hours of a post-license course.

 Where should I take my pre-license course?

The keys to success in today’s real estate profession are not only knowledge and innovation – but also making a wise decision about your professional education – from day one. All of our classes are accredited by ARELLO, whose standards insure the best quality in delivery and support is routinely delivered to the student. Taking a class online allows you to study and work through information on your own time and in the comfort of your own home. Chances are, your life is busy! It can be easier to take a 63-hour course online than in person. Our courses set you up for success, giving you the information, skills and confidence needed to pass your Florida State Licensing Exam.

What is the Florida State Exam like?

The Florida State Exam is 100 questions. All of the questions on this exam are multiple choice. There are 45 questions related to real estate principles and practices, as well as 45 questions targeting Florida and federal laws. You must score a 75 percent or higher to pass this exam. You must pass the state exam before obtaining a license. 

How do you active your license?

Once you find employment with a broker who will sponsor you, you can use the DBPR RE 10–Sales Associate, Broker Sales Associate Transactions form to active your license. Or, once a license number has been issued, a broker can activate the sales associate using his or her online account

What are the details of the post-license education requirements?

To Complete your Florida Real Estate Post License Requirements You Must:

  • Complete a 30 hour, state approved, Florida Real Estate Post License course within 6 months of licensure, and
  • Course requires online final exam (grade of 75 required to pass). If you fail your end-of-course examination, you must wait 30 days from the date of the original examination to retest. However, you have to take this examination before a year. You can only retake this test once.

How does an online post-license course work?

Each Florida Real Estate Post License course is divided into lessons that take about 20-30 minutes on average. Each lesson consists of text with multiple choice questions mixed in. The computer will go back to the questions you missed or had problems with and review them in random order. All the lessons for the course are also completed online. Each hour of approved credit will take approximately one hour of computer time to complete.

If you want to pass your real-estate exam on the first try, take our online course! We welcome you to contact us for more information. If you would prefer see details online,  you can also click here.