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How To Get A Real Estate License In Vermont: Step-By-Step

How To Get A Real Estate License In Vermont: Step-By-Step

Interested in becoming a real estate agent in Vermont? You’ve come to the right place. Obtaining a real estate license in Vermont has never been easier or more convenient. With the ability to take the coursework online, your dreams of becoming a real estate agent are easily accessible. Here’s the step-by-step process on how:

Complete a 40-hour salesperson pre-licensing course

Taking a 40-hour in person class can be taxing and difficult depending on how busy your current schedule is. The great news is, you can take this 40-hour course online!  Our online course equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as a professional real estate agent after studying from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

However, if you would like to take this class in person, you can look at the calendar on the Vermont Realtor website, and find out what classes are available and whether they fit into your schedule. After completing 40 hours of these courses, you can move on to the next steps of your process.

Take the state licensing exam

Schedule your state licensing exam by contacting the Candidate Support Center – (800) 345-6559. Reserve your test date, and get to studying!

Join your local board of realtors

After you join a local Board of Realtors, you then become a member of Vermont Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.

Complete the NAR Code of Ethics class

Make sure you complete the Code of Ethics training 180 days after your test.  The National Association of Realtors requires you complete the NAR Code of Ethics every two years, whether online or in a classroom. Additionally, you will need to complete the 4 hour Mandatory Course. In order to fulfill these requirements, you will need to make sure the classes you take are approved by NAR and the VREC.

Attend a new member orientation class

You must attend one or two first orientation classes offered after your completed application process. The class is typically one day, and are offered by many local boards.

Complete these steps to gain your Real Estate license in Vermont, today! If you want to pass your real-estate exam on the first try, take our online course! We welcome you to contact us for more information. If you would prefer see details online,  you can also click here.