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Louisiana Real Estate Continuing Education: What To Know

Louisiana Real Estate Continuing Education: What To Know

Louisiana Real Estate Continuing Education: What To Know

If you’ve gone through the process of obtaining a real estate license, you know that receiving your license is not the end of your education. After your 45 hours of post-license education are completed, all you need to renew your license is 12 hours of continued education annually. If you’re in the process of continuing your education or wondering what the next steps look like, read on.

Active License 

  • In the year that you complete your 45 hours of post-license education, you can use 8 of these hours towards your 12 continued education hours.
  • The Louisiana Real Estate Commission decides on a mandatory topic each year. 4 of the 12 hours completed must be in this topic. The commission can require more than one mandatory subject each year but at this time it has only designated one per year.
  • All continuing education hours must be completed prior to submission of your license renewal.
  • If you fail to complete the 12 hour continuing education requirement by December 31st, you cannot renew your license. Meaning you cannot act in the capacity of a licensee until you complete the 12 hours of required educational material.
  • If you complete more than 12 hours in the designated time, your extra hours cannot carry over to satisfy the next years required 12 hours. For example, if you complete 14 hours this year, you can’t carry over 2 of those hours to the next year. All of your continued education hours will be recorded, but they cannot be carried over into the next year.
  • If you attend a seminar in another state, you can request a review to the Louisiana Real Estate Commission. This would include the proof of attendance, date of completion, length of course and course content.

Inactive License

  • If you have an inactive license, you have to complete 12 hours of continued education before returning to an active status.
  • If you want to transfer your license from inactive to active, the continued education hours are as follows:
    • 1 to less than 3 years = 20 hours
    • 3 to less than 5 years = 40 hours
    • 5 or more years= 80 hours
  • If your license has been inactive for two or more years, you have to complete a 4 hour course. This course will cover  the Louisiana Real Estate License Law and Commission Rules and Regulations.
  • You can attend continuing education programs and courses while your license is inactive. However, Louisiana Real Estate Commission will only accept the hours completed in the last five years.

Reference the Louisiana Real Estate Commission for more detailed information.